You dream of being "big market" but you simply aren't sure how.

Maybe you feel alone in your newsroom, like no one really cares about your dreams.

Maybe you want to grow your skills, but no one gives you feedback. Maybe you’ve been told you need to be more confident, but no one tells you how. Trust me, I felt the exact same way. Now that I “made it,” I know what it takes. And I’m ready to lift YOU up.

NEWSFLASH: Your dreams ARE achievable. You don’t need to go through that journey alone.

With one-on-one coaching, my go-at-your-own-pace digital course or my monthly membership, I’ll teach you the secret sauce to success and being “big market” no matter what market you’re in, so you can have your best shot at that dream job. 

Because the world needs that special gift only YOU have.


  • You feel comfortable, are more conversational, and have straight-up swagger on-air.
  • You ace that live shot every time, drop your mic, and collect compliments and high fives.
  • You have a killer reel that can score you interviews in your dream market so you can be closer to family and friends.
  • You could have a Fairy-News-Godmother on demand when you’re assigned the “big story” or get that exclusive interview.
  • You have a roadmap to asking better questions, writing more “big market,” and sharpening your on-air appearance.
  • You have a mindset shift that boosts your self-esteem, helps you handle haters, and embrace hope and abundance.


I was a high school dropout, with no connections in TV news.  

Through hustle, positivity and persistence, I put myself through college and worked my way up to be a reporter in a top 30 market.  

But...I had always wanted to work in NYC. It took an “aha moment” for me to realize the only thing holding me back was ME. In short, I got the F out of my own way and into my dream job.  

From there, I became an anchor in Washington, D.C., a correspondent at a network, met my husband and rescued the sweetest dog ever.  

Once I realized my dream life, it got me thinking, what if EVERYONE had the tools to get what they want in life?  

Here’s the thing: I know I could have made it to my dream markets quicker - years quicker - if I only had a “me” to guide me.  

That’s why I’m here to show YOU how.

I promise you living your dream life IS achievable. If you’ve been looking for that “big sister’ to show you the way,  



Get inspired… this could be you!  

"There is no one I’d rather have in my corner more than Debra Alfarone. In a business that can be complicated to navigate, she consistently challenges me to not only better my craft, but myself. With Debra’s help, I jumped 101 television markets after just nine months in the business. I consider her one of my best mentors, a confidante, and friend. You can’t afford not to work with Debra!"

 - Elizabeth L. (jumped 101 markets)  

"[Debra's] going to be honest with you and that means you have to be honest with yourself. Do EVERYTHING she says. She and I set a goal with a specific date and we achieved it!"

- Rasheeda K. (moved from Idaho to weekend anchor role in North Carolina)  

Pick from 3 Options, here’s what’s included

VIP One-On-One Coaching


  • This three-month package is fully personalized to YOU. Each month, we’ll meet for an hour on Zoom to meticulously go over your reel or your latest work.  
  • You’ll get feedback on delivery, writing, presentation, live shots, anchoring, your reel, career and money moves - whatever you need - plus a roadmap on how to improve!  


  • This is where I’ll do special Facebook Live Q&As, give away freebies, interview movers and shakers in the industry to help you network and learn, plus you can post questions and get advice from a community of dedicated journalists just like you.  


  • I’m “on demand” via text each week (15-minute session) for instant advice when you’re assigned the “big story,” get that surprise anchor audition, or that exclusive interview. Make that opportunity count!  

Digital Course


  • This digital course will give you all the tools you need to have swagger and a confident delivery in your live shots, write like a “big market“ journalist, anchor like a boss, and know what News Directors in large markets look for in your appearance. 


  • You will also get two bonuses - a custom slate for your reel so you can make a “big market” first impression, and a live group session with a voice coach.  


  • This is where I’ll do special Facebook Live Q&As, give away freebies, interview movers and shakers in the industry to help you network and learn, plus you can post questions and get advice from a community of dedicated journalists just like you.


  • You can also choose to upgrade to include an hour-long personalized One-on-One video coaching call with Debra for Q&A or second-by-second feedback on your reel. 

The Membership


  • Every month, take advantage of a 10-minute power coaching call. Schedule your session, include your question or link, and Debra will call you with personalized attention.


  • If you miss a Zoom, we have the replay in our exclusive Facebook Group. That's also where I post advice and tips, and you can post questions and get advice from a community of dedicated journalists just like you.


  • Take advantage of the discount for lifetime access to the course. You'll also be the first to know about special discounts on coaching sessions.

Why do I need a Coach?

I’m so glad you asked!  

News is a crazy business, with no instruction manual. News Directors don’t always have time to give feedback, and mentors will give you their time when they have some. Plus, they’re not paid to tell you the tough stuff, so 9.9 times out of 10, they’ll leave that out.  

A coach has your back, stands for your greatness one more time than you can stand for your smallness, and is there to pick you up when you get knocked down.

I will help keep you accountable for your growth through assignments and deadlines - that’s your personal roadmap!  

Not only can I help you become more confident on-air and a better storyteller using all I’ve learned working the competitive crime scenes of NYC - plus holding down the anchor desk in D.C. during a tumultuous time in journalism, I can help you shift your mindset.  

It’s super-important to realize you are the only you there ever was and will ever be. And the world needs to hear your unique voice. Now. Don’t waste time playing small. A coach can help you get out of your own way, get where you need to go quicker, and realize your true potential. Because the world needs what you’ve got.  

Pricing made easy

VIP Package

  • This is a 3-month package. You get THREE 1-on-1 Zoom calls (that's one a month) to go over your reel/latest work plus a game plan and a roadmap chart your growth
  • One 15-Minute coaching call with Debra per week 
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group for coaching members and ALL Membership perks
  • Free invites to special online events and offerings  
  • Discounted rates for future coaching sessions


Sign me up


Digital Course

  • Full Digital Course including worksheets and checklists
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group for course members
  • Optional 1-on-1 one-hour Zoom coaching call
  • A custom slate for your reel (comes with optional coaching call only)


DIGITAL COURSE WITH ONE-ON-ONE COACHING $497 USD (click below for payment plan)


The Membership

  • Every month, take advantage of a 10-minute power coaching call
  • Weekly Zoom calls where you can meet News Directors, Talent Executives, and large market Anchors, Reporters, MMJs and EPs in the industry to help you network and learn
  • Access to exclusive Facebook Group where you can watch the replays of the Zoom calls, and connect with Debra
  • $100 discount on lifetime access to the Digital Course
  • A monthly masterclass on writing, confidence, negotiating, career moves, branding, and more


“Since connecting with Debra, I’ve grown both professionally and personally. She has used her expertise to coach, critique and mentor me within the last year. I credit her advice for helping me make a leap to a much larger market in the last few months. Debra is down to earth, honest and truly understands what is required for TV journalists to succeed in this business.”  

Emma H. (jumped 80 markets) 


  • How do I know whether VIP one-on-one coaching, the Digital Course or The M embership is right for me?
  • It depends on whether you want personalized attention or want to learn on your own time. And of course, it depends on your budget. With VIP one-on-one coaching, you essentially get Debra on demand.
    If you feel like you don't get a lot of feedback and are having trouble breaking through to the next level or you're trying to make a great reel but don't get a lot of opportunities for good stories, this is a great choice. That way, you can text Debra and work with her on the story BEFORE IT AIRS. If you want/need a big sister who's got your back and who you can call when you have an interview, or an anchor audition, or a tough story, or a negative coworker/boss, the VIP package is the one for you.
    You can also get Debra's personalized attention for a one-hour session with the digital course, but it's not on demand. Also, the one-on-one coaching costs $1197 USD, and the course costs between $297 and $497 USD. The digital course is a great option for someone who simply can't afford the VIP package's payment plan. Lastly, The Membership is really for someone who is unable to financially commit to the other two options and wants to try out having a coach. It's also perfect for someone who's already gone through the course or the VIP package but still wants guidance and coaching.
  • Jeez, the VIP Package is a lot of money. But, I really NEED the mentorship and support that Debra offers. I don't know what to do.
  • A: It is a lot of money. We get that. Totally. This is the "Bentley" of what Debra provides. The digital course is less expensive, and offers Debra's transformative advice but it doesn't offer you more than an hour of one-on-one coaching customized to your needs. It doesn't offer an on-call broadcast veteran on your side and at the other end of your phone while you're out in the field or about to take the anchor desk.
    Think about the market jump you could make after transforming your reporting/anchoring in just 3 months. If you can get to your dream market quicker, wouldn't that be worth the price? It's an investment in YOU. We get that not everyone can afford it, that's why we offer the digital course. But, if you want to transform who you are on TV, and do it years quicker than you could do with the current level of feedback and coaching you're getting, the VIP package is the coaching package for you.
  • How does the VIP one-on-one coaching work?
  • With VIP one-on-one coaching, once you sign up, you'll get an email asking you to send a link to your reel or a representative sample of your work.
    Once received, you'll get another email with a link to schedule your first Zoom session. Set aside an hour and a half.
    We'll go over your reel, second by second. At the end, you have a roadmap on what needs to be deleted, what needs to be added, and actionable tips and transformative a-ha moments on how to improve. After the session, you'll receive those notes and recommendations, plus a request to confirm suggested dates/times for your second and third sessions. Remember, this is a 3-month program.
    You'll also be included in a special Facebook Group for coaching members where you can connect with like-minded reporters - and get access to free tips.

    With this package, Debra is also on demand for you. Got a job offer you want to discuss? Get assigned the lead story and you want it to be awesome for your reel? Got a last minute anchor audition? Text Debra and she'll do her best to be on call for you.
  • Wait. So, as a VIP one-on-one coaching client, I can text Debra anytime within the 3 months? Really? Even if I just want to vent about my boss?
  • Absolutely! Now, if you text her at 1am, it's highly likely she's not going to answer, but she is available to talk you through issues that come up as you navigate this crazy career. If you need a package for your reel, and Monday morning, you get assigned something reel-worthy (yes!), text her right away so you can strategize who you're going to interview, what the focus statement of your story is, and brainstorm creative standups. Later on, email her your script, so you can have the best story at the end of the day. Hell, she'll even sit on the phone while you track to offer tweaks and advice.
  • Can Debra guarantee I'll get a job?
  • No. Debra is not an agent. And she's not a headhunter. But, she knows the secret sauce to making a great reel that gets News Directors' attention. She also has lots of contacts in the industry, and can usually locate an inside source at a station you want to work at. Lastly, she can teach you the best and most effective way to make contact with decision-makers.
  • What if I don't see results after the first VIP one-on-one coaching session?
  • We've never had a coaching client not see results. But, if you're the first, hey, we won't hold you to anything! We want to see you shine and thrive. Debra considers every client her friend, and you'd never do a friend wrong like that. If you sincerely don't see any value after the first call, we'll rip up the contract, and refund you the money for sessions 2 and 3 if you paid in full. If you selected the payment plan option, you won't owe us any future payments.
  • I'm just still unsure. I want to do it, but….money.
  • We totally get it. Debra remembers the ramen noodle and thrift store shopping days very well. She wishes she could help as many of her fellow newsies for free, but she's in such high demand, she has to charge for her valuable time. Why not try out The Membership and see if you like it. If you're really not sure, it doesn't cost a thing to have a free 20-minute discovery call with her! What have you got to lose? (Pssst, lots of people get free tips from her in that call they can use on-air right away)